Don't heat living room when bedroom is too cold

I roriginally posted this idea here:

But I didn't word it correctly, so below I'm citing PedroAndrade, who replied to my initial post:

I have one large open area with a smart thermostat (no smart trv as there are 4 separate radiators in this area), and two smaller rooms each with a smart trv. The open area is the warmest part of the house and should be heated to target temperature always, while the other rooms have lower priority.

What I would like to be able to do is:
1) set main room temperature to 20 - boiler should fire as needed to maintain temperature

2) set small room target to 20, and minimum temperature to 18 - boiler should fire to prevent going below minimum temperature, but smart valve should be kept open until target temperature is reached, in order to “piggy back” on heat called by the main room

The main problem is that the main room can get too hot. For example, If I set all rooms to 20, the main room will get heated to 20+ when the small room gets colder faster and fires the boiler.
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  • It sounds like your system is unbalanced. Have you considered turning off one or two radiators in the main large room? This will adjust the ratio of heat supplied to the main room and the small rooms. Or you could reduce the lock shield on all four radiators if it’s essential to keep all of them on.

  • The best solution would be to put TRV's on the 4 rads in the main room. Standard mechanical TRV's would probably work but tado smart one would be better.

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