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Ac auto threshold AC CONTROL v3+

It would be outstanding if I could set the auto setting within a set of high and low ranges. Something like “don’t let the temperature fall below 16 but no cooling unless the temperature goes above 25.

This seems fairly easy to implement and would save a fortune in power.
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  • marcusnlmarcusnl
    edited April 20

    I would like to call attention to this suggestion as this is a big miss currently. I'm using my airco for heating and cooling but cooling is manual. A friend of mine has 4 airco's he uses to warm his upper floors, a lot of manual work which shouldn't be necessary.

  • Another vote for this!

    I'm retrying Thermostatic Control mode and am surprised/disappointed to see that I have the option of Heat OR Cool. What I really want is what the original poster suggests: A range which, if the temperature drops below, will cause the AC to heat, or if the temperature exceeds, will cause the AC to cool.

    Surely this is a merging of the to current features, so should be fairly straightforward to do?

  • Another vote from here to this,

    I live in a country where this feature is highly usable.

    I was using Sensibo for couple of years and now decided to test Tado, I am also disappointed that this feature does not exist. Sensibo has it and it is just awesome how it works for me.

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