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Use heating history to identify boiler faults

I have had on occasion a situation where I have bled radiators in the house, and unknowingly taken the overall system pressure below the boiler cut-off, or in another instance we had a stuck pressure valve within the boiler that required replacement.

In both the above situations, I was alerted to the problem when waking up to a room/house that was significantly colder than it should have been!

It would seem that a fairly easy-to-implement feature would be to use Tado's knowledge of how heat builds up in each room (and cools down), to identify faults with either the radiator valves, or the boiler itself if it sees significant variance from these known history curves/behaviour.

i.e. if Tado knows to get the bedroom from 18deg to 21deg normally takes x amount of time to see an initial rise in temperature, if Tado is calling for heat but sees no increase in temperature at all for x(+allowable tolerance), it should be able to flag a message that a likely fault with the smart thermostat, or the boiler is present....allowing the user to check the house heating system/boiler for error messages.

I would see great benefit in such a feature, it's been on my mind for a long time, today I saw that the Nest thermostats are introducing such a feature to their app, triggering this thread.

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