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How to turn off globally my boiler with thermostat and valves? (Global On/Off)



  • The poll for this feature is now +168 yet no response from tado!

    Please get this feature implemented!
  • I've posted earlier in this thread but here's an outline of what I would like to see implemented in the app. (I should add that I found geofencing bordering on useless for me in a large barn conversion; it's probably more useful in a modern apartment but not in a large detached house. Consequently it's no longer used.)

    • An ON/OFF option for all Heating i.e. what is effectively a Summer mode.
    • An All ON/OFF option for Heating and Hot Water. When this is switched to ON it observes the Smart Schedule settings
  • It's quite unbelievable that there's no master OFF switch in the app, or summer mode or something.
    For an energy saving system, this is crazy.
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