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suggestion for blind and functional diversity people accessibility


i was made the following suggestion and challenge on tado spanish fórum.

  Before all, i pressent:

My name is Fran. I'm a blind user of tado devices and i'm from Barcelona, Spain.

  for read, i using a screen reader software (software that converts a screen output from the text (and some graphics if that's labeled correctly) to braille system and voice sinthesis.

  I'm studying the technical information system's administration.

  Now, i using two tado devices.

  A smartAC v3+ control, and i have got pending to install a Smart thermostat. But (and now talk about the accessibility problema):

  The app (for iOS and Android and WebApp) isn't accesible for me and for all blind people. Blind, or low vission.

  Why?. Because these apps not comply the accessibility standard's.

  On the webapp, exist's standard's published by w3c (WCAG in versión 2.1). In the standard's, the accessibility is warranty.

  On the spanish fórum, always say's:

  "You can get a full features using a voice control, siri, Google assistant or Alexa."

It is false, because with these functions, i can:

up and down themperatures, start and stop heat and cool, the same with the bouler…

  But i can't: install new devices, read; see; and understant the graphical report's (ambiental confort, saving report, quality…)

  In the report's of air quality inside, apears a lot of numbers without feel…

  The challenge is below:

  On you're device (iOS for example), go to settings>general>accessibility and Enable voiceOver.

  Also, can tell to siri:

'hey siri, voiceover on'

  After it, close your eyes, open (doublé tap on tado app) and play with the app.

  try use all features: report's, info, install devices, adjust the themperature (without using voice, using manual input onli).

  Can you see that isn't posible it.

  Try the same on AndroidOS. In this operating system, the challenge is more complex; because almost buttons not be labeled.

  I purpose fix this problema in the future versión (is very important); because the accessibility can help to more persons with a diferent disabilities:

nute, blind, low visión, not listen... And in a some momento of live, we all have some disability and the tado system can accesible for all.



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