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Group rooms

Would be great to be able to group rooms e.g. bedrooms so they can have the same schedule without having to do individual for each one

Alternatively, the ability to copy another room's schedule would be just as useful
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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @davidlyall Hello. You can already group rooms and have them all on the same schedule. Invent a new room (e.g. Groupee!) and transfer all your tado devices from the 2 or more 'old' rooms. The disadvantage is that one of the tado devices has to be nominated as the measuring device.

    The issue of schedule copying has its own thread with many agreeing the need. Perhaps you would wish to add your voice there.

  • Thanks samd

    I hadn't realised it wad possible to group already but having only one room measure the temp defeats the point.

    I'll find the post on schedule copying and add my vote

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