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EASY to implement 2 modes: HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING for centralized heat pump

For those who have a multi zone heat pump capable of making hot and cold it would be interesting to add the following function in the application and in the firmware of the thermostats.

Add in the application a button or a slide switch as Apple can do to simply reverse the behavior of dry contact:

1) Closes when BELOW the temperature programmed for HEATING mode (heating)

2) Closes when ABOVE the temperature programmed for the COOLING mode (colling)

There is NO hardware to change but just a little programming ... In the application and in the firmware.

With this simple function it opens the compatibility of TADOs to all multi-zone heat pumps which start up on their own as soon as at least one of the zones is in demand.

The changeover to cooling mode by itself is programmed manually on the main control of the ducts and not on the thermostats

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