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Open radiator valve option or min/max temp in schedule.

Right, bear with me on this idea, it's simple technically but not to explain...
My bathroom and attic are cold and not well insulated so I want the radiators to be on as much as possible but not control the heating as much as they do. Understand? So, if I set the temperature to 16'C which is a minimum, the heating turns on and off every hour at least but when it reaches 16'C the heating turns off AND the Radiator valve closes. When another room turns the heating on the valve in my bathroom radiator is still closed so doesn't take advantage of the heating being on. I want the 16'C to be a minimum not min and max on this radiator. I am tempted to remove the valve press inside the unit to overcome this but a simple change to the app allowing min and max temperatures or open valve option would be much more flexible!
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