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An easy way of having multiple plans/settings on e.g. a weekly basis


I have my daughter living with me every other week.

As she goes to school quite near and do not have the same "work hours" as me I would like to suggest that we could have multiple plans that would in one go change multiple settings in the app.

In my case the geofence distance is quite near to my home because her school is close by. I have to leave it there even when she is not with me otherwise the house heats up.

I would like to be able to exclude her phone (device) from the geofencing the weeks she is not staying with me.

Also, I get home from work at 17:00 every day, but she is home by 14:30 so either I heat the house from 14:30 or she will be cold until I get home. With two schedules available this could be solved.

In addition she has a room for creative work that is only used when she is here.

So all in all I would like to have a master switch preferably managed by a calendar where al sorts of settings could be changed and switched on and off. It should of course be possible to override the chosen plan quite easily.

Best regards

Hans Henrik Nørregaard

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  • I have a similar requirement. It would be good to be able to switch between two separate schedules; one for when we are at work/school and one for when we are on holiday but at home and therefore our getting up time in the morning, for example, is later.
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