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In your product information you state that the:

Radio communication (between devices):

868 MHz, Mesh (6LoWPAN)

I purchased my system based on the fact that the devices would have mesh communication to allow them to relay messages and avoid the inevitable constraints in my house where a single hub cannot reliably communicate directly to all devices. I've now been told that the Mesh Radio between devices is not part of your system and am having issues with connectivity of my devices.

Please can you update your technical literature so that other customers do not get confused and make the same expensive mistake that I have.

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  • Totally agree. The technical documents implies that the devices communicate with each other using 6LoWPAN but the reality is that it's a star/hub set up where everything must communicate directly with the bridge. OK in my small modern house but a nightmare in large, old houses with stone walls

    This is another example of poor information on Tado's website. I'm not saying this is deliberate but this and the fact that the TRVs do not learn should be made much clearer as many sales are made on that basis

  • Thanks for the support on this thread @davidlyall

    Tado folk out there, any acknowledgement and response would be most welcome.

    PS I've now found that the smart thermostats on the edge of communication range are churning through batteries using a complete set in three months :-(

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