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Over 25 degrees ......

When you increase the temperature limit between 25-30 degrees ?


  • Hi leonard1968,

    There are several reasons for the maximum limitation of 25°C.

    • Some boilers require an absolute set-point value from the thermostat (digital interfaces) and will not accept a value above 25°
    • For every degree above 25°, the amount of energy used starts to increase exponentially
    • And finally, extended exposure to temperatures higher than 24-25°C can have considerable negative health impacts.

    You can enter an offset to trick the thermostat into thinking it is colder so it would heat longer (doesn't work in the first noted situation though), but it would be more advisable to instead wear warmer clothing. Here's a great article from the BBC about this: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-12606943

    Best regards,


  • @Frank yes but... Some people need it warmer than 25C. It may not be energy efficient etc, but when you have an elderly relative who's already wearing two jumpers and is still cold....
    If you have to lie to the boiler, so be it.
  • It could be argued that needing to run the thermostat so high might be indicating extremely poor insulation and/or drafts.

    There might also be a case of radiators being too small a capacity for a room so that only the part of the room right next to the radiator receives sufficient heat. (I believe that on average radiators are usually actually too high a capacity for rooms.)

  • jacoscarjacoscar ✭✭✭
    What I don’t understand is why I have 19 or 20 degrees in my home and Tado Air Comfort says it’s too cold
  • ChrisJChrisJ ✭✭✭

    There is definitely a valid use case (several in fact) for allowing temperatures over 25 degrees. For example I have two bathrooms where the radiators are Tado controlled and occasionally (once or twice week) I want these rooms to be substantially warmer than 25 degrees. having to futz around with offsets is a real pain. I think we all understand that continuous operation of many rooms at > 25 degrees is not such a great idea but having a really expensive product that actively prevents me doing what I want.need to do is also not a good thing. By all means let's have warning if you set a temp > 25 but for heaven's sake do not prevent it. Maybe have a hard limit at 30 degrees instead.

  • comboycomboy
    edited September 4

    This is ridiculous guys. Some people grow plants, some people want to have sauna. It seems absolutely obvious that the device should let the valve open completely no matter what the temperature is. Maybe I just want to test my radiator during summer. Whatever. All major companies allow that. Your part is only to allow water to flow to achieve set temperature and health issues are outside the scope of your device.

    Following your logic, why would you allow to set temperature to be below 15 degrees? Surely it's not good for your health to keep living in a room where it's 10 degrees. Give some option in settings to allow higher temperatures or any other solution. You are ruining a fantastic device by unnecessary software limitations.

    Btw, when talking about trivial software that can increase value of your product a lot, kids lock that can be set from app is also something present in most smart TRVs.

    Please listen to your users and respond to them. I really would like you guys to succeed, small fixes can go a long way.

    There are already knock-offs of your products and without improvements on your side they will just become superior products. I would really like for tado to succeed.

  • Exactly, and then, in the air comfort section, if you have a room at 20 degrees it says it’s too cold...
  • HappyLukeHappyLuke
    edited September 16
    Setting it above 25 is useful for blending the radiators. In summer you have to remove the TRVs to blend the radiators...
  • I have a tall radiator under a loft.
    the sensor on the radiator sometimes registers 27° when the rest of the room is freezing.

    i already bought a second thermal sensor to add in a different location of the room but in the interim I would love the opportunity to raise the max temperature as the sensor is getting the reading of a nook not the room as s whole.
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