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Zones and app improvements


I'd like to make a couple suggestions. One is the idea of zones for heating and the other is app improvements.


I'd like to see the idea of Zones introduced for heating. At the moment we can have rooms for devices to be grouped, but that's kind of annoying if you, say, want to heat the entire downstairs.

For example, I have 5 tado smart TRV's downstairs. 2 in the living room, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the enterance hall, and 1 in the office. I also have 1 in each of 4 bedrooms upstairs. Now, I have smart schedules of all of these, (which is kind of annoying having to set them all up individually), but I want to be able to, say, set all of downstairs to 19 degrees in one action. This would be possible if we could group rooms in to zones. It could also help if I wanted to set all downstairs to 19 degrees, but then turn the office TRV off because I know it's not needed to be heated. A smart schedule for zones could also be very useful.

Having 1 smart TRV in some many rooms makes the home screen really hard to navigate because there are so many buttons. I could spend ages explaining more on this, but I think you get the general idea of it.

App improvements

Part of the app improvements is the zones idea, but also it would be good to have a master switch on the home screen to turn off all heating. I know geofencing can do this, but sometimes your at home and want to turn it all off.

I use the tado app on an iPhone X. The app looks and works great, but it is poor for 1 handed use. I'd like an improvement to make it better for one handed use like moving the confirm button from the top right to the bottom section of the screen. And also making use of iOS's navigation system by being able to go back to the previous screen by swiping from the left edge and not having to reach to the top left to tap the back arrow.

Another improvement I'd like is the abilty to hide things on the home screen that I don't use like Air Comfort and Boiler Repair Services.


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    When I try to set a temperature by voice even though behaviour is set to "until next automatic change"

    Alexa says the device is turned off if I turned it off by voice or via an alexa command. I have to then turn it up (and on) manually. Or select the device and choose cancel on the app or tell alexa to turn the device on by setting a temperature.

    Could you add a command to the skill such as AUTO which reverts the device (or all devices with a group command) back to Smart Schedule.

    Sorry if already suggested
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