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improve manual temperature settings in v3+ app

The manual control of the temperature needs improvement in the v3+ app.

  • the temperature slider is quite fiddly when you adjust the temperature for a room/zone controlled by the Smart Thermostat as it allows adjustments in tenths of ºC
  • the options of applying the manual change until ended by user or until the next automatic change are missing: this used to be possible in the pre-v3+ app - please bring them back
  • under the device settings, you can still choose the 3 options for manual control but this setting is simply ignored - please fix this
  • once you set a manual change, you cannot tell from the room tile that manual control is active; in the pre-v3+ app the stripe turned grey - please bring this back

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  • I'm not upgrading to V3+ until the "Until ended by user" and "Until next automatic change" options are added back.

    The "tile" colour not showing a zone has a manual override active is also a significat oversight that I hope gets resolved quickly.

  • mw9342mw9342 ✭✭✭

    @jcwacky - when v3+ came out I thought I could test drive by upgrading the app on my iPhone but leaving the old app on my iPad; but once I "upgraded" - or downgraded from a functional point of view - on the iPhone, the iPad app also switched to the v3+ UI and behaviour; looks like the v3+ functionality is switched on the backend and once you initiated it, it becomes active on all clients.

  • The information available before upgrading to v3+ was seriously limited and didn’t make these limitations clear. So I too have updgraded, can’t go back, and really miss these features. Please try harder tado to make things clear. Please also add these features back ASAP.
  • Hi,

    These points will be addressed shortly (the latest Android release already addresses this in part) so I will close this thread for now.

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