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Open Window algo to include ineffective heating detection

The open window algorithm currently only triggers when it notices a steep temperature drop over 1 or 2 minutes.

Sometimes the drop will be significant but not steep enough to trigger the algo e.g. because the outdoor temperature is not drastically lower than indoor. This can cause the thermostat to demand heating, which then goes straight out of the open window!

I was wondering whether the Open Window algorithm could also consider cases where the temperature has had a slower decline, and where the subsequent efforts to trigger the heating to raise the temperature are ineffective.

I've recently had instances where my heating was triggered to counter such a reduction in temperature, but the temperature continued to decline due to an undetected open window. This can be clearly seen on the graphs. The thermostat should switch the heating off in that scenario rather than continue to demand heat. As it is, you have to hope that you notice what is happening, and then either reduce the thermostat temperature manually, or set Away mode, both of which are a bit unsatisfactory.
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