allow changing the order of tiles

Please allow us to change order of tiles in the v3+ app; in the pre-v3+ app we used to be able to change the order of the room stripes.

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  • BrynBryn

    Yes, this worked very well in the previous version. Very annoyed that it's not available anymore!

  • Yes please update the app to allow this!
  • And allow them to rotate when turning phone/tablet on its side.
  • Would be a +1 from me also

  • This feature would be very welcome
  • And please can we have an option to remove/hide the pointless 'Boiler Repair Services' tile. I know you have these services but I do not need to see this front and centre of my control interface every time I use the app.

  • +1 on this. It bugs me that they're not in alphabetical order.

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