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It's not very helpful in its current incarnation as it doesn’t conform to tado’s own guidelines.

If I look at my Energy Saving Report of JAN 2018 it has some guidelines about humidity with a link for more info; if you go there it tells you, for example, that a bedroom should have 40%-60% humidity and a temperature of 15ºC-18ºC.

I have created a separate zone for my bedroom and when I check it in the Air Comfort it tells me that at 16º it’s "too cold".

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  • I agree... what is Air Comfort's ideal temperature? It's something like 22ºC therefore my house is always showing as too cold.

  • ChrisJChrisJ ✭✭

    I agree. Every room in my house, which are all at our ideal temperature, permanently show as 'too cold'. This feature needs to be improved (maybe allow you to set the ideal temperature per room or something) as currently for me at least it is of little use.

  • mw9342mw9342 ✭✭✭

    BTW, you can view the tado recommendations for ideal humidity and temperatures at

    There it says for the bedroom:

    "15 - 18° C (ideal temperature)

    A temperature of 15 to 18°C supports recovery. Moreover, a low temperature fuels our fat burning engine."

    And yet, the Air Comfort in the app tells me that 16º C is "too cold".

    The recommendations make sense, but the app doesn't follow them.

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