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Time gap between operating valve and boiler

I am using Radiator Thermostats (1st floor) and the Smart Thermostats (ground floor with floor heating) all connected to the extension kit that drives my boiler.

1) Is it possible to make the Radiator thermostats and the normal thermostats to only activate the boiler 1 to 3 minutes after opening the valves.

The reason is that now the boiler when started by the thermostats reports that it is waiting: "Boiler cannot transfer heat to central heating” due to the boiler not being able to pump the water through the system since the valves are not yet open / have just opened. This results in the boiler retrying after 10 minutes which delays the start of warming of my house.

If you first open the valves for e.g. 1 minute and then start the boiler it will immediately start.

2) When none of the thermostats is requesting heat anymore, is it then possible to deactivate the boiler first and then only after e.g. 3 minutes close the (last) valves?

This enables my boiler to circulate the already heated water for at least 1 minute after stopping the generation of heat and transfer this heat to the radiators and floor heating. This also avoids that my boiler tries to "pump water through closed valves".

Doing the above avoids that I have to either have a manual thermostat that is always opened or a bypass which both only waste energy.

This is a rather simple SW change that preserves energy.

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