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I've just been tweaking my time blocks and they're basically all the same. I have Smart Radiator Thermostats too so I've had to change them 6 times over, to all be the same!!

We can currently set the Away Mode Temperature for each zone, so what would be super cool is you could also set Home Mode Temperature in the same way, per zone, and then setup the time blocks to use the mode values instead of actual set temperatures. For example:

Home Mode Temperature: 19
Away Mode Temperature: 10

Current Time Block:

00.00-7.30: 10
7.30-21.30: 19
21.30-00.00: 10

So at the moment 2 of the time blocks match the Away Mode Temperature and 1 time block matches the Home Mode Temperature. So this would be so much better as you just need to adjust the Mode Temperature, which then affects all the time block temperatures using that mode:

00.00-7.30: Away
7.30-21.30: Home
21.30-00.00: Away

Additionally, we should be able to have global mode temperatures, and then each zone would have an 'Inherit from global' toggle; if on it uses the global values, if off it uses the zones values, following the same idea above about using Home/Away Mode in the time blocks.

I'm considering breaking out into more time blocks per zone, which right now is a ballache!!

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