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Smart AC control in same room as Thermostat - tado APP

I have Smart AC control, Smart thermostat and Smart radiator thermostat devices in same room. I'm controlling the heating in the room through thermostats and cooling the room through Smart AC control.

Since position of the thermostats is fixed - smart thermostat is where the wire connections are, smart radiator thermostat is where radiator is - only smart AC control can be placed by choice. In large rooms this makes sense because in the app you should be able to choose from which device to read the room temp. according to its placing.

For example my smart thermostat is quite near the oven in the kitchen so its temp. reading is not realistic for the rest of the room, smart radiator thermostat is of course mounted on the radiator so in large room this temp. is also not realistic representation of room temp.

The main problem is that tado APP does not allow smart AC control to be placed inside the room with other devices but only separated. In this way the choice for more realistic temp. measuring is reduced. There is a temp. offset setting which can help but not resolve the problem completely.

So, allowing the smart AC control to be placed in the room in tado APP with other devices would certainly broden the choices and increase user configuration options

of their smart control needs.

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