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Silent, Eco and high power modes for Toshiba Seiya, Mirai and other models

I got my Tado today for my Toshiba Seiya and I was surprised that it's missing eco, silent, and high power modes. Also, having only three fan speeds instead of five and you can't control swing or anything like that. :'(
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  • I know that many have bought the Tado AC model for controlling their AC units remotely, so that's why I think it essential to get extensive support for different models and also add more settings on how to manage the unit. For some, it might be enough to control the temperature and fan speed. but personally, when I purchase an expensive AC unit with multiple different features, then I also want to use those features. I think these are more important features than having nice to have features, like open window detection etc.

    Is there any way on how I can contribute and for example, share data on what kind of remote I have for the unit or anything?

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