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Launch an external temperature sensor for the Smart Radiator Thermostats



  • @ajsamuels I use Samsung IM6001-MTP02 to correct the temperature (as well as turn off the radiator when motion isn't detected for an hour) but the (noisy & power consuming) motor operates each time the offset is set. Happy to write a step by step once the change to the firmware is made

  • Not sure if this workaround has been mentioned but I have one large room with an SRV on each of the 2 radiators. Cutting off the flow to the radiator that controls the temperature works (on days when one radiator is enough).

  • Jacopo2Jacopo2 ✭✭
    That’s the same as putting an extra TRV in the middle of the room and set it as the measurement device; some have done that, it’s cheaper than the wall thermostat
  • I’d like to see a cheaper “lite” version of the existing Tado room thermostats, one that’s smaller (like the size of a single light switch) and without the boiler/underfloor heating connectors and related internal components to bring down the cost.
  • That's what I suggested some time ago. I'd really like a radiator valve split into a simpler and cheaper valve with no sensors, no display and no controls. I'd move those into a a trimmed down room thermostat. The pair of separate devices will probably be a tad more expensive than a current radiator valve, but provide more accurate measurements, more convenient access and will be usable with underfloor systems.


  • HGBHGB ✭✭✭

    An external sensor is one of the most asked for improvements of the system, yet Tado hardly ever comments on this request in this community or other fora. They even go as far as saying you could use a Tado smart wall thermostat (far too expensive for this purpose). I remember they also accepted the idea of using a Tado RTV that's not mounted on a radiator (ugly and still too expensive)!

  • @HGB

    Indeed Tado's failure to address legitimate user requests is becoming frustrating. Tado need to pay attention to the fact that Nest, Ecobee and Heatmiser all provide dedicated temperature sensors to address this issue. Hive and Netatmo were the only ones a quick search showed that also lacked this option.

    Tado may be relying on the fact that their competitors all currently have their own flaws.

    Nest - Do not do TRVs, do not do the separate room sensor in Europe and of course do not support (officially) HomeKit

    Ecobee - Do not do anything in Europe

    Heatmiser - Do not do TRVs

    Hive - Do not do a separate room sensor, they also do not support HomeKit

    Netatmo - Do not do a separate room sensor

    I have some hope Netatmo may improve their product range and at that point it might be possible to consider switching from Tado to Netatmo.

    Whilst there are numerous areas Tado could make quick improvements via software to address user issues and the fact that far too often users have to ask Tado to make configuration changes behind the scenes because the App does not give direct user access to these settings - all of which do not generate revenue for Tado, this issue is one that requires hardware but would generate revenue from users. I and others have indicated we would likely buy such a sensor for each room meaning overall a large number of potential sales for such a sensor.

  • ChimmyChimmy
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    @Jacopo2 Agreed... I'd seen the "putting an extra TRV in the middle  of the room" suggestion. It's just a less than obvious variation I thought was worth mentioning to save the cost of an extra TRV

  • I've recently purchased Smart Thermostat to sit in my Living Room and control floor heating - this works okay.

    I wanted to use few Radiator Thermostats to control floor heating loops on the 2nd floor, but I realized it's not that simple... If TRVs are mounted in the "divider" they are only measuring temp in that box, not in the actual room because there's no external temp. sensors in those rooms...

    I don't know how I missed this fact, but I'm really regretting buying Tado now, because the only solution I've found so far is by buying super expensives TRVs and put them disconnected in each of the rooms... Jesus, please add some external sensors for temp...

    Did anyone tried hooking Tado to Home Assistant and using some Aqara temp sensors in each of the rooms, so that the HA can request heat from boiler via Tado?

  • Jacopo2Jacopo2 ✭✭
    edited July 3
    Yes, I’ve used home assistant and external sensors to CORRECT the temperature measured by the valves; there is a topic I’ve opened about this...

    There is also a user who has created a script to flash into a development board that works as a standalone device (no need for home assistant)

    The only drawback is a higher battery consumption because Tado recalibrates the valves every time an offset change is requested plus the noise but I guess it won’t be a problem in your case

    Please vote this improvement and maybe add a comment so it bumps up
  • Thanks for fast reply @Jacopo2!

    Interesting take on the corrections for TRVs - much appreciated! So with this script you can capture temperature from an external sensor and it will replace value read by TRV and either shutdown or request heat? This sounds like a pretty good workaround.

    I don't mind HA, since I'm planning to control and automate multiple things at my home.

    As for the thread: upvoted and commented 👍️

  • +1

    I'd love also the possibility to use the Smart AC thermostat to control one Smart Radiator Thermostat.

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