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Bring back Teach Tado for non-thermostatic mode on Smart AC Control

My air conditioner doesn't seem to have any presets that work well with the Smart AC Control, some of the features work on some presets but others don't, so I'm left with a partially functional system.

Previously you could use the Teach Tado feature to program each individual command. It took a long time, but you could be sure that the exact commands you wanted were being sent to the air conditioner. This was removed about a year ago which I learned after doing a reset and was unable to recreate my set up.

I was told by Tado support that this was removed because it was causing users issues and was difficult to provide support - this totally makes sense because each set up would be different. As a compromise I suggest that instead of removing the feature outright, why not put it behind an "unsupported" disclaimer? If I mess up my manual configuration, that's on me fair and square, if I want support and troubleshooting, I would use the Tado presets etc.

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