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Somebody use this type of Boiler (Baxi/Westen) with Tado via OT ?

Hello there,

Somebody use Tado with Baxi/Westen Boiler? I use it with a Westen Boiler Condens wia OpenTherm. It need to set the P67 service parameter to "02" (It set the communication standard to "Standard OpenTherm") and connect Tado low voltage connector to the 1-2 pin to the Boiler. It working well years ago, But some weeks ago i affect a error message (error 78) it is a Gas valve error. We replace the gas valve and the problem is reduced significanty but not gone at all. I talked to the Tado support and They said that not see any problem on the Logs, but not recommend to use the Boiler with OpenTherm, because it officially not uspported. I do not want to use the relay mode, because i lost a lot of important thing, like modulated heating... 

So my question is that somebody affect this problem (E78) this type of boilers, with Tado, or this error is absolutely independent with the the controll method?


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