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Smart stats for low voltage control


It could be a nice idea if those with a low voltage connection could see what commands are being sent to the boiler to control the temperatures of the heating system. For example, if the heating demand is low we have a 1,2,3 bar option currently. But what is the actual temperature request that gets send to the boiler itself? I've noticed that the temperature of CH on my boiler changes throughout the day, as I'm assuming that extension kit sends command to lower the boiler CH temp, because it's close to the setpoint. But currently there's no way of knowing what that temperature is, unless you go to the boiler room and open a cover. Another idea would be to be able to set a max CH temp for a specific termostat. Especially useful for those with UFH and rads. No point of boiler running at max temperature if only UFH zone is calling for heat, as usually UFH runs at much lower temp restricted by mixing valve. (It would help to set the mixing valve as well as I had a right game setting it up... Yes, finally it's set... and than tado changes the modulation to high and temp goes up!... Done... nope, modulation has changed to low again!!!. took couple of days to set it right :)

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