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A local server

I see it as a security risk that there is an organisation based in another country holding my personal details (name, address, phone number, email address) who intimately knows whether or not I'm at home and if I'm away just how far away I am and how long it will take me to get home.

I'm sure you hold my data securely and carefully manage exactly who has access to this information - however, it's still a risk that I'm taking using your system.

I would like the option of running a local server that does most of what you do centrally. I appreciate it may not be able to do everything a central system does - e.g. no AI/ML across thousands of customers, no geofencing.

I run a couple of RaspberryPi's permanently and could install a cut-down Tado server on one of these?

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  • Please open up your api, so that Tado can be integrated with local domotica controllers like Home Assistant, Domoticz, ...... without internet access.

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