Improve "Climate Report" graph grid lines (1ºC per line)

jcwackyjcwacky ✭✭✭

The horizontal grid lines in the "Climate Control" history graph currently behave very inconsistently and are not very clear to work out the temperature from.

There are three fixed lines, the top and bottom have a label which varies depending on the range of the currently displayed graph, but by having fixed lines, this means the degrees difference between them varies:

Sometimes it's 1.5ºC:

Sometimes it's 2.5ºC:

Sometimes it's 3ºC:

Sometimes it's 3.5ºC:

This, coupled with the fact that the middle grid line has no label, means you end up having to do the following calculation everytime you wish to work out the temperature that the middle line is indicating: (Top Line Temp - Bottom Line Temp) / 2) + Bottom Line Temp.

This makes it harder to work out from glancing at the graph what temperature a particular point is (without having to tap and hold).

So, instead of this:

Can we please just have a single grid line for each 1ºC:

As you can see, it's now much easier to discover at a glance that the temperature rose up to 22ºC in the morning, was 21ºC during the day and then increased to 22ºC in the evening.

This isn't easily possible with the current, unclear gridlines, so you end up have to tap, hold and drag to work it out, rather than just seeing it at a glance.

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  • mw9342mw9342 ✭✭✭


    excellent idea

  • ChrisJChrisJ ✭✭

    Yes please, this is very annoying in its current form.

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