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Frost protection temperature

At present the frost protection temperature is set at 5 degrees.

It would be useful if this temperature could be adjusted by the user.

I am asking specifically because my building and contents insurance has just come up for renewal. The insurers now require a minimum temperature of 10 degrees.

There are ways round this, like making sure that the thermostat is set to Away, but they aren't as convenient as being able to turn the thermostat off and still rely on the frost protection.

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  • jcwackyjcwacky ✭✭✭
    I have my “Away” temp set to a minimum of 10°C, and the minimum temps in my schedule are 15°C. This way the temp will never drop below 10°C. I hope that helps.
  • Yes. I was aware of that option, but still feel it would be better to be able to adjust thetemperature provided by Frost Protection in the Off setting, rather than in Away.

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