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Option to enable a TRV to “call for heat”

Today by default , the TRV can’t call the smart thermostat to call for heat if the smart thermostat is already at the correct temperature. To have the TRV calling for heat ; we need to ask the support to change the setting and it works.
Could we have a switch like the “early start” switch in advanced setting to enable some TRV to call for heat and some not ? Can be called “active” / “ priority” / “master/slave“
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  • Is this right? My TRVs call for heat no problem even if my main thermostat is at the high temp
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Guru86 Yes it's correct. There are 2 switchable (by Support) modes where one requires the boiler-controlling Smart Thermostat to be calling for heat before any other device can 'work' and the other is where all devices have the ability to call for heat.

  • @samd (or anyone at Tado). I've got two Wired Smart Thermostats as well as a handful of TRVs. Is it possible to set one thermostat to be in non-default any-TRV calls for heat mode but leave the other thermostat in the default mode?

    My use case is to control radiators as well as under floor heating. I was hoping to achieve that by using the two thermostats (one for radiators, one for UFH). Each would be responsible for opening up their respective motorised valve.

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