The Good the Bad and the less attractive

An installation story...

Having tried a TRV and finally worked out how the adapters worked etc. I tried 6 more and then I thought Nest is quite annoying and works with nothing useful: HomeKit, IFTTT etc. So was not long before the smart thermostat and extension kit were on their way.

And then things came a bit unravelled. So the instructions for replacing the Heat Link are less than ideal.

It assumes you have single channel. My Heat Link was controlling heat and water quite nicely. Email to support just dropped into the abyss.

Lots and lots of research and eventually worked out the wiring. Wired up powered up and paired hot water and heating on constant

Checked wiring and seemed ok.

Eventually discovered the Smart Thermostat was not correctly configured. Sorted that out snd hot water popped up. But heating is still going flat out.

Eventually had to reinstall Nest.

So finally Support gets back to me and discover various issues with configuration and the firmware which is well out of date and has not updated. Manage to force an update

After many tribulations update successful and relays clicking happily and all is well and warm and watered

It’s great in operation but installation is flaky snd needs some work. Support is terrific when you get them on line.

So happy but after a good deal of anguish.