show the climate report in browser on



  • Happy Tado user here and have been for years. BUT this feature would be a game changer!!

    Could somebody from Tado actually take the time to respond to this thread with an explanation?

  • +1

    Please add this small but powerfull feature.

  • Are the graphs in the care and protect bit you have to pay extra for? I haven't found any graphs. Both Hive and Netatmo system give you usage graphs. without paying extra

  • :'( raw data really should be available for download. It's our data after all.
  • +1 This would be extremely useful and should have been implemented already alongside a data export function.
  • For me this would be one of the must haves, access to my data and visuals in browsers (including the options to overlays instead of all graphs in different screens)

  • +1 For this from a new user also. (Is this the only way we can make Tado aware of demand for new features? - If there are alternatives, please suggest them and I'll use those too!) Cheers!

  • +1 for this feature please!

  • +1 for this and include CSV export.
  • Upvoted. Not everyone likes doing everything on small, hard-to-read screens, touchscreen, requiring high manual dexterity. This could even come across as discriminatory against users who literally cannot do things very well on small screens/ mobile devices. This functionality must be added to the website.

  • Adding my +1 to this request. I wanted to see something on a screen which doesn't require a magnifying glass only to find out the browser does not show any statistics.

  • +1 for this feature (I'd like to see more than 1 day at once)

  • +1 for me also!

    It should be a must have... considering that Win 10 app was discontinued.

    Assuming I don't have a smartphone, should I ditch the Tado system?

    You cannot force visually impaired people to use such a small screen!!!!! It's discriminatory!!!!

  • +1.

    Small screen very fiddly - particularly with the lack of detail on the vertical scale (ie temp).

  • Csv export option pls