Heating not working but Hot water is fine

edited October 2020 in The Boiler Room
My heating is not coming on. All rads and thermostats are all working fine. Can change the temp and it says its heating but rads don't come on. I can't get the manual overide on the boiler extention box to work and the light is pulsing as normal. Help! Thanks


  • Hi, Do you have an extension kit? And is this where the problem is? Are you using the two Switched Live outputs from CH and HW? Is it possible the output is damaged on your extension kit?

  • Hiya, Error was over 5 months ago now and was resolved by the TADO Technical team - They resent the config and it started working again so I assume the config had gone wriong somehow - N eeded TADO to fix it was nothing I (The user) could do.