Heating not working but Hot water is fine

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My heating is not coming on. All rads and thermostats are all working fine. Can change the temp and it says its heating but rads don't come on. I can't get the manual overide on the boiler extention box to work and the light is pulsing as normal. Help! Thanks


  • Actually got through to Tado! They reconfigured it their end! They did say if you leave a msg on the answering machine and don't have hotwater and/or heating they get back to you ASAP!
  • I am experiencing the exact same situation since adding the Extension Kit to my Tado setup yesterday. Hot water to the taps, none to the radiators (4 Smart Radiator + 1 Smart Thermostat installed).

    This in spite of setting the demand temperature for all devices to the max (25C). The app shows "Heating to 25" but all rads are completely cold since yesterday.

    I've left a voicemail at the UK number and waiting for a reply.

    Frankly the fact that the fix apparently required configuration that is not user-accessible is more than a bit troubling. If the system can be restored remotely, it mean it can also be disabled by a remote fault.

    Yeah, I know, that's the compromise with any remotely-operable "Smart" system, but nothing like having no heat to hammer home the reliance on external support which may or may not be there when its truly needed...I figured the main threat would be a malicious hack attempt, not initial installation!

    Fortunately I have until the end of Jan to return the entire kit (Amazon). Perhaps by then it will be more apparent if the convenience of being able to fiddle with things on my phone is worth the increased vulnerability to loss of the entire system.

  • Seems my issue was local, not remote. I left a message on their voicemail saying I was without heat and they did call back quickly. Solution is described in this thread: