Will Tado work with Viessmann Vitodens 222F?

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I have Viessman Vitodens 222F controlled by external temperature sensor. Will it work with Tado or do i need to unplug this sensor. How about the vitoconnect wifi interface? Do i need to remove it also? Now i can control the boiler via Vicare app. Will it work simultaneously?


  • It's very unclear isn't it. I was in the same situation as you 6 months ago but decided to go with the viessmann room Stats, which I don't like very much. i have both the vitotrol box and also viessmann wireless sender (for 2xroom stats) both connected to the same port 145.

    You will need to keep you're vi-care app and vitotrol 100 box as "i believe" (not sure) how are you to request hot water, i'm not sure if Tado will give you this. You will need to try it and let me know.

    I would also keep the external stat.

    See page 20 from the Tado manual:

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    Just been reading up on this again to refresh my memory as to why i didn't give it a go. It was down to Boiler modulation. Tado can only use a set value once set up, in that it's not dynamic.

    A reply to a question from Tado;

    "When using OpenTherm (or any other digital control interface) we will make the heating demand as a modulating command, (from 0% to 100% as required). The 100% will be affected by the limit that is established in the boiler. So, when we're talking about a boiler model that can adjust the temperature with a knob in the front, for example, this knob will be limiting our request (our 100% is the max it has set in the knob). <b> this is a fixed value<b/>

    We don't have any known issue with Viessmann boilers, however we don't have that many connected yet.

    What we can do in Opentherm is setting a max flow temperature (as a one time setting, once you've done the installation), but if you would need to change this often then it wouldn't be possible."