Local Access to bridge

I'd love to see local access to my Tado setup. It does not make sense to me to have no remote capabilities at all without an internetconnection.

Nowadays internet is pretty stable but it is still possible that either the servers, an ISP or something else breaks and takes down the remote capabilities of Tado with it.

Local access is not only a backup but also a faster way of communicating with the bridge when at home.

Using the app to connect to servers to connect to the bridge makes no sense at home since app to bridge is much faster.

Also it enables proper offline integration in home automation platforms such as Home Assistant.

I agree that online services add value, such as firmware updates and troubleshooting. I just think that products can be much better if we do not have a big restriction on the offline capabilities.

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  • Hi all,

    Yesterday we had a outage from our ISP (cable). So we didn't have internet, tv or telephone🤬. This was the first moment that I noticed that Tado doesn't work without a internet connection🙄. I think this is an odd thing for a smart home product.

    I mean you have a bridge from Tado but without a internet connection you can't raise or lower your heating by the Tado app or other smart home integrations hubs like: Homey, Home KIT ect.

    I was at least expecting that with your local LAN your products would still work and the app as well. But this didn't so the heating was on before the outage started and to turn it down I needed to go to all the radiators and do this manual🤔.

    I'm hoping that you/Tado could make their app/products not depending from a internet connection so that you could still control your heating system offline from the tado app or other smart home integration platforms with only your local LAN.

    I think this will help a lott in case of a outage on your internet or some other problem outside your house that you have no control over.

  • Hi @ProofofD3ath,

    You are not the first nor will you be the last person to request that Tado sorts this issue.
    You should do a search and read and "Upvote" one of the original threads, as this will be more likely to prod Tado into doing something about it.....
  • Hi @GrayDav4276 I had searched but didn't find it so fast.

    Put I see one post from @Blender

    I will just vote up that one but how serious is Tado about doing something with the voted treads?

  • I hope Tado will do something about this! I just had the same issue yesterday when my ISP was down and notice this for the first time 😡

    If it was able to do this with Tado we all had no problem when something like your ISP goes down.