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Been a Tado customer now for many years with smart thermostat and 16 SRVs.

Some suggestions that would really improve the experience of using the system - all in connection with alerts/notifications via the app:

  1. Alert if a device goes offline or becomes disconnected (e.g. a radiator valve becomes unmounted)
  2. Alert if connectivity is lost
  3. Alert for other circumstances which could be an error - e.g. a few times an SRV has stopped working for some reason whilst in the open position, which I have only become aware of after realising the room was very hot (not helpful if happens during night!)! Surely sone simple logic could be programmed to assess room temperature vs set temperature and validate against other rooms/outside temp. Any outliers could then be reported to the users to check/reset/remount etc (usually these issues are sorted by simply remounting the device.
  4. Low battery - I know this now shows in the app - but why not have a notification rather than having to rely on seeing the email or the red dot!?
  5. Alert of any major outages/server issues

More than happy to discuss the above with development team or others as relevant.

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