Recommended boilers for Tado

So I've really invested in Tado as I think it works great for our needs and allows us to make best use of controlling the 3 heating zones in our house while keeping the heating off in the various rooms we don't routinely use. It is currently teamed up with a Vaillant Ecotec 428; it seems a pretty robust boiler but and is maintained yearly, though it is now 12 years old, so starting to enter the bracket where risk of failure is ever increasing.

While I hope it lasts for a while yet, I want to be at least partially prepared for if/when it does die on us. Does anyone therefore have any good recommendations for boilers that work well with the Tado ecosystem? Key considerations are efficiency, noise, and of course integration with Tado, current boiler is 28kw.


  • RaX
    edited November 2020

    worcester bosch greenstar 30i - comes with 7yr warranry

    added tado myself. easy setup guide in Getting started created by me

    use the digital interace (EBUS) and temp modulation works well

  • I understand that temperature can be modulated using ebus (or opentherm), but what I'm keen to understand is if it can run to temperature protocols e.g. modulate down to say 50 deg for the heating, but when there is a hot water demand, ensure that the minimum temperature it modulates down to is around 70 deg to ensure that the water that is then pumped around my cylinder is sufficient to maintain a water temperature above 60 deg and thereby kill legionella.

    Do you know if tado can ensure that whenever there is a demand to heat my hot water cylinder that it priortises an outflow temperature of say 70 deg?