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Smart Radiator Thermostats to show reading/be offset in 0.1C steps, and to set target in 0.5C steps

I understand from discussions with Tado around this that the 1C stepping on the radiators is there as otherwise they would be switching on/off all the time... partly this could be remedied by the valves being able to be opened partly (not just on or off) and maybe a compromise would be to have the radiator valves able to be set in the app to 0.5C steps.

In addition, the offset and measured temperature of the radiator valves should be in 0.1C steps in the app to allow the users to "tune" them better. I understand the thermostat measures to 0.01C accuracy, so this should just be a software/firmware change and would significantly improve the usability of the radiator thermostats.

Separated (as it could be seen as a slightly different feature) from similar request https://tado.vanillacommunities.com/en-gb/discussion/669/smart-radiator-thermostat-manual-control

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  • Just to add to this to provide the reason it is important - my wife is especially sensitive to temperature changes, and can often sense a change of just 0.5C (maybe even 0.1C) so getting the smart radiators set correctly in the lounge is never 100% reliable - I am having to tweak them every so often to adjust their settings so that the temperature is "just right" and not "too warm" or "too cold"...

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