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Publish Home/Away mode information to IFTTT for "IFTTT Queries"

The new IFTTT (pro) service allows queries on service status --- currently Tado does not publish anything for IFTTT Queries (IFTTT just provides history information from the events).

Tado provides a pretty great Home/Away sensing algorithm - so it would be really useful to be able to QUERY this status from IFTTT for use in, for example, lighting automation using other home automation tools where it does not have a Home/Away automatic sensing to do activities such as:


So please, Tado, publish the Home/Away status (and maybe other status information) to IFTTT for use in IFTTT queries which can then be used in IFTTT Filters, as currently there is no way to get at this directly in IFTTT without using multiple other third-party services to manually track a value based on the HOME and AWAY triggers, which is excessively complex and which is actually proving very difficult to achieve with any existing service.

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  • GrilledCheese thanks for this code 😊👍... I had been wondering if I could do this with the history but was not sure how best to test whether the info was as needed and whether the [0] value was the latest or only entry in the history (IFTTT's development and debugging capabilities are non-existent so it would have been trial and error) so a really big thanks 👏 for sharing this! I'll be trying this out for my scenarios now :-)

    Having said this, having this information as a query in Tado would be so much easier (and more usable for others) and I'm also sure that sharing other items for queries in the future like current temperature, heating/not-heating, etc. would make the integration even more powerful and Tado even more capable as a result.

  • Thanks. Out of interest, how did you dump the IFTTT data to the spreadsheet - I could not think how to even do this :-(

  • @AndrewM lost my original user account and posts for some reason...

    I gave up using the spreadsheet method as it did not do everything I wanted. Switched to using smartphone notifications. If you add the notification service as an action you can use this type of code in the filter. Used here to dump the historical data, but can be adapted to output any variable used in the code.

    let TextMsg1 =

     "Home Times: " +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchesToHomeMode[0].SwitchedAt + "\n" +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchesToHomeMode[1].SwitchedAt + "\n" +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchesToHomeMode[2].SwitchedAt + "\n" +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchesToHomeMode[3].SwitchedAt + "\n" +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchesToHomeMode[4].SwitchedAt + "\n" +

     "Away Times: " +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchingToAwayMode[0].SwitchedAt + "\n" +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchingToAwayMode[1].SwitchedAt + "\n" +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchingToAwayMode[2].SwitchedAt + "\n" +

     TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchingToAwayMode[3].SwitchedAt + "\n" +


    let TextMsg2 =

     "Home Times: " +

     new Date(TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchesToHomeMode[0].SwitchedAt).getTime() + ", " +

     new Date(TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchesToHomeMode[1].SwitchedAt).getTime() + "\n" +

     "Away Times: " +

     new Date(TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchingToAwayMode[0].SwitchedAt).getTime() + ", " +

     new Date(TadoHeating.historyOfTadoSwitchingToAwayMode[1].SwitchedAt).getTime();

    // IfNotifications.sendNotification.setMessage(TextMsg1);


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