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Set all rooms to X degrees, for a temporary amount of time

There should be an option to simultaneously adjust the temperature for all rooms manually, with one action.

For example you want Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room and Hall to all be reduced manually increased to 21C. It could be useful if you keep your house at say 19C but some elderly relatives are paying a visit for a few hours. It could be achieved by tick box functionality to select which rooms you want to adjust, or by some other shortcut to "set all".

At the moment you need to manually click into each room, and adjust them one by one which can be cumbersome.

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  • Hi @ScamperiMontana,
    Or if you have an Alexa (other systems are also available) you could simply set up a 'routine' to adjust the temp in the room/rooms that you require....that's what I have done with my system. It works really, really well.
    I have set up a couple of different 'routines' to cope with different scenarios.
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