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Allow to set which thermostat controls "Open Window Detection"

I already emailed Tado about this, but seems their service is the worst from all the smart companies I have used previously. Tado is focused on their looks but the functionality is EXTREMELY limited.

Please allow us to set which sensor will decide if a window is opened.

Reason: While using a TRV and a wireless temperature sensor, obviously the wireless sensor is used to control heating, as its further away from the radiator and gives more accurate readings. However the sensor would rarely detect open windows or needs 30 min before it realizes that. That's because its far away from the window.

If Tado allows us to choose which sensor detects window open regardless of which sensor is set to control the heating, then this problem will be somewhat resolved.

Note that the sensor window detection calibration is extremely dumb that when a door is opened it says "window open detected" This is why this request will improve the situation but not solve an issue.



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    Hi R_H,
    I'm pretty sure that you are asking for a level of technicality that tado has not built into the "open window detected" function of their devices....the "smart thermostat" is only "detecting" a "fairly sudden" drop in measured temperature....no matter what actually causes it. So, for example, if you had a thermostat in your kitchen/utility room, and it was positioned near your fridge or freezer....then if your fridge/freezer door was left open for a few minutes, then it would (very likely) trigger the "open window detected" function.
    It's really no more than a "gimmicky" selling point.
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