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Option to Set Temperature 'Range' (min/max threshold)

Would be great to have an option alongside the set temperature to determine how low you are happy for the temperature to drop before heating kicks in to get you back upto set temp.

During the night our room is set to 19 degrees, on a cold night it can be heating up numerous times as it doesnt take long to drop back below, but im happy for it to drop to say 17 before it kicks back in
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  • Just realised my subject doesnt make a lot of sense! Not sure how to edit so if anyone is able to point me in the right direction or do it for me please?

    What I mean is being able to set the 'call for heat' trigger to be different than just dropping below the set temperature, but for this to be an optional setting so its only used at night for example

  • I really like this idea. I would really use this for certain rooms at night.

    It would avoid the central heating to heat up every few minutes for a few minutes. Instead it would heat up a room when it gets beneath the minimum setting and heat it up to the maximum setting and then letting it cool down to minimum before again heating it. Right now my system activates about 10 times an hour for only one room. Wouldn't it be "better" to let it heat for a longer period of time?

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