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Silent Mode for Radiator Thermostats (Motor Sounds are too loud)

I would really love it, if there was a way to decrease the noise the radiator thermostats make when adjusting the heating levels. It sometimes even wakes me up in the night.

Maybe the firmware could be tweaked so that the motors inside the thermostats can be driven slower or something like that?



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  • My suggestion would be to allow the TRV's valve position to be left ready for the morning, the night before when the boiler goes off, but not call for heat until the morning schedule dictates, so as not to make any noise in the morning.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    I mentioned in a different thread that my tado TRV batteries are still going strong after a year or so. Additionally I rarely hear the TRVs changing setting unless I am looking for it and when I do they are certainly not noisy.

    These two issues may be the same underlying problem. If the valve is harder for the motors to adjust, they are likely to be noisier AND reduce battery life

  • In efforts to reduce noise you may wish to check and install some plastic radiator bracket inserts. Traditionally used to reduce the 'ting ting' noise when radiators expand and contract, they also dampen the smart valve noise.
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