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Reverse direction of hand control knob for Smart Radiator Thermostats clockwise / anticlockwise

This is a small quality of life suggestion.

I have equipped my house with Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats in all rooms. When manually adjusting the radiator thermostat target temperature by hand, (turning the white freely-spinning plastic ring) they turn clockwise for hotter, and turn anti-clockwise to go cooler.

This is the OPPOSITE of how most standard (non-smart) radiator thermostats work. (Clockwise for cooler and anti-clockwise for hotter.)

Like many people, my family and I all have ingrained muscle memory from a lifetime of living with standard central heating. This means that every time we adjust a Tado radiator thermostat, we turn it the WRONG way at first, then have to turn it back to the right setting. This is annoying as it happens every time we adjust a radiator.

May I suggest that Tado offers in the TRV settings menu an option to reverse the direction of adjustment for the hand control knob?

Thanks RedTom

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  • shallaxshallax
    edited December 2020

    I completely agree with the sentiment and the proposed solution. I think this one is important.

    Radiator valves have existed for decades. In that time, expectations of how they operate have built up. Muscle memory has developed that leads to me instinctively believing that screwing in a radiator valve to close it, and that unscrewing it will open it.

    I feel that Tado's decision to reverse this well-established behaviour is a design oversight. These TRVs operate more like a traditional wall thermostat or an amplifier volume control than the device they skeuomorphically replace.

    As a solution: give people the choice. It's hopefully not too much of a challenge to add this setting to the device firmware and allow it to be set via the app.

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