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Smart AC being able to be set in the same room(s) of Thermostats for heating

At the moment, if you have both thermostats/radiator valves ans smart ac controllers, you cannot configure smart ac controllers and thermostats in the same room (thus, you have to create separate "virtual" rooms for the two purposes - eg. "living room (thermo)" and "living room (ac)".

It would be very useful to be able to merge the devices in the same room corresponding to their actual physical position, and allow the smart ac controller to be set up as the master temperature sensor for the room where it belongs to and possibly integrate the two heating system during the cold season (allowing a better temperature and humidity monitoring/settings being away from the radiators, continueing to allow standalone A/C usage and remote control to cool the room during the hot season). The Auto-Assist feature would be even more useful and efficient combining the two heat sources together working in synergy.

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  • I would love to see this, turn of the warmth from the boiler in that room, and turn on the AC.

    As I see it, as 2 separate entities, the AC would cool it down to 18°C, and the heater is set to 20°C, so both would try their best constantly to get it either cold or warm.....

    Just couple them together, and let us decide who win, with the option to auto-climate the room.

    At this moment it is a separate room even (in my app at least)

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