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Allow Wireless Temperature Sensor to activate the heater/boiler alone

It would be very useful to let the Wireless Temperature Sensor to activate the heating/bolier alone in a room without any smart radiator valve/thermostat.

For example, in my 3-room flat I have one only room where a radiator is present but a radiator valve/thermostat cannot be installed because of spacing issues, whether in the other two rooms regularly installed thermostat and radiator valves/thermostats are present. When I try to raise the temperature in that specific room where only the wireless temperature sensor is present, the heater/boiler is not activated by the system (thus instead heating is successfully enabled if the settings is requested via HomeKit/Apple Home app/Siri command instead of using the Tado app, losing the smart programming and auto-assist features for that room). The desired and expected behaviour in this specific scenario would be to activate the heating leaving the radiators off in the other rooms, when applicable.

I read that some other users were able to obtain this feature contacting the support and letting them configure the devices remotely, but this should be able to be configured by the end-user too (maybe in the case or future reconfigurations of the devices).

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  • OK, this has been done by Lara from the Support Team creating a zone and mapping the wired thermostat as the main regulator of the zone for the entire home! This feature is shown in the web interface only and when trying to edit it, the website tells to contact the support because that feature is still under development. Instead, the feature is completely hidden in the smartphone app.

    Once the feature development will be finished, this will be a useful enhancement.

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