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We have a multi zone (with an upstairs and downstairs valve) controlled by two Nest Thermostats with a heatlink each.

I bought a wireless starter kit and a smart thermostat as I was told that would be what I need and some Smart TRV.

Had an engineer coming today to install it and everything seems to be working fine, hot water, upstairs heating and downstairs, he did ask me if downstairs had another box but it seems like it’s hard wired into the valve and boiler.

I also bought TRV and installed them everywhere but my question now is, how does Tado know which zone valve to open based on the TRV?

If the TRV in the kitchen request hot water, how does Tado know that it needs to be the downstairs valve? At the moment it seems like I have to turn the heating on using the downstairs smart thermostat which defeats the purpose of having Tado installed in the first place.

Do I need to make some changes? Do I need to buy something else?

Thank you

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  • Mouxy
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    Found it, it seems like on the website we have this “Heating Zone” and Zone Controller.
    We just need to ask support to do it for us


  • Hi, I have similar setup like yourself previously with 2 nest.

    How do you go about switching it to tado? I bought tado wireless kit and a add on wired thermostat. I have sent email to support but no reply yet.

    Wondering if you don’t mind sharing it? Thanks.
  • Mouxy
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    I paid an someone to come and do it but basically:

    The zone without hot weather works as a normal wired thermostat and you buy a wired thermostat from tado. The wires come from the boiler -> valve -> tado -> boiler.

    The Zone with hot water: buy the wireless kit, connect the hot water and valve/boiler wires to the wireless extender and that’s it. The wires going to your thermostat are not used, all wireless (I was still using the wires with my nest).

    I can’t take a couple of pictures for reference
  • Hi, thanks for your reply.
    1) So basically just the cable from heatlink that is controlling the hot water and heating go into the wireless extender
    2) the other cable from heatlink (just controlling heating) DOES NOT go into the wireless extender.

    I rang a guy to see if he can sort it out for me but he said it can be quite complicated. So trying to gather all the information that I can before he arrive and suggest to him if that will work.
  • That’s it, the wiring you have connected to the heatlink that is not controlling the hot water, goes directly to the wired tado thermostat.

    The wiring controlling the hot water and that zone valve goes into the wireless extender

    It seems strange in the beginning but it makes sense because the wired is... wired 😆

    It took him a while just to understand the wiring used for nest, Tado doesn’t use that many wired because the heatlink for the zones without hot water simply disappear.
  • Thank you very much. That really help. Hopefully the installer will figure that out.
  • Hi. Sorry to pick up on an old thread but I contacted support regarding this type of setup and was told it couldn’t be done. I have the three Nest heat links next to each other in the garage, one for each floor, with the ground floor also controlling the hot water.

    Can you confirm I should do the following

    Replace ground floor with wireless thermostat and programmer
    Replace the other two heat links with wired thermostats

    Secondly how does this work if the wired thermostat for sat the first floor is in the garage. Can you ignore the temperature from it? All rooms will have tado TRVs to call for heat so shouldn’t need it

    Hope that makes sense