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Add support for multiple wireless receivers

Currently Tado is limited to 1 wireless receiver or extension kit per home. Please could this be changed to allow multiple wireless receivers. I currently have an extension kit controlling my hot water, but this is a large house with multiple underfloor heating zones. I would like to add additional wireless thermostats and receivers to control underfloor heating actuators that don’t currently have independent wired thermostats, but share a thermostat with other zones.
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  • Could not agree more. It starts me that Tado wouldn't race to fix this to grab more market share. They are losing out to Evohome at the moment because of this.

    I have 3 heating circuits and one hot water, wired up to individual valves on separate pipe circuits. I am lucky in that for all of these circuits, I can use wired thermostats if I want to given how long ago it was all set up by the previous owner (although this is not ideal given the locations that some of these are in, so I am using one of these with a wireless one).

    It's got to be only a software change - why on earth would you restrict to just one?

    And the documentation is awful - it says on tado website that you can have one wireless receiver and one extension kit. It seems they don't mean that - careless wording.
  • Agreed - this would make setups so much more flexible and must surely only require a software change?

  • 100% agree.

    Bought two Wireless Thermostats V3+ Starter Kit.

    Have 2 independent boilers (day and night zone), due to joining 2 apartments.

    Turns out only one wireless receiver can be installed at the time. Whereas until now I had two Wireless thermostats working on different frequencies. An upgrade has signified a downgrade.

    What is the issue? Seems like an easy solution. Integrate the Wireless receiver into a Room. And make Sensor and Receiver communicate between them.

    Hoping for an update or returning both pack and downgrading to my older installation, in fact would be an upgrade.

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