Smart Radiator Thermostat Manual Control

Got some suggestions for your Smart Radiator Thermostat. When in Away Mode yesterday, you changed the temperature to say 19.6-19.7 (when Away Mode was set to 15 but changed I’m assuming due to adaptation). Why can we only set to whole numbers on the app? When asking smart assistants for the current temperature, you give 20.6 degrees as an example when the app rounds to 21. On the history graph, it shows the temperatures in decimals. I know it wouldn’t fit on the devices’ display, but we now know it’s capable of it via manual control.

I’d say leave the manual control on the device to whole numbers (due to display size) and on the app make it literally like the Smart Thermostats. When I say like the Smart Thermostats, on the room “tile” on the V3+ home screen, show the actual temperature (not rounded), allow us to set the temperature to a decimal, in Air Comfort use the decimal. Just having a consistent app experience would be excellent! Only thing holding me back from fully kitting out our house with the Radiator Valves. 😊

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