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Change to Open Window Detection

If open window detection is triggered, after the time limit if the temperature hasn't increased or leveled out, to maybe extend it & repeat if necessary. A few times I've just had a window open and forgotten to turn the heating off resulting in after ~15-mins, the heating coming on.

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  • JakosaurJakosaur ✭✭✭

    Also, I think it needs to be a bit more sensitive/notice over longer periods (I think it's currently around 2 minutes). Using this image as an example, quite obvious a window was open.

  • JakosaurJakosaur ✭✭✭

    The more and more we use Tado, the more we need the suggestion in my first comment/suggestion! 🙂👍

  • JakosaurJakosaur ✭✭✭


    OWD needs to be enabled in rare instances. Does detect everything correctly right now, 99% of the time for us.

    OWD needs to remain active, with manual user cancellation still, until the temperature stays the same, or is increasing. Once that is detected, start the timer for that room for OWD. In our case, 15 minutes.

    In the app, you have to cancel OWD to change the room temp. Pressing cancel may turn the heating on, which isn't ideal if you just want to turn the room off.

  • Yes that’s a good idea.

    Also consider making OWD customisable i.e. be able to set sensitivity between high, medium and low to suit different settings.

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