Registering wireless receiver makes everything disappear


Hi all,

I have 5 TRV's working on my App ok, and have registered my new wireless thermostat but I am trying to register the wireless receiver that comes with it before i try and fit it, but every time I try and register the wireless receiver, all the TRV's + thermostat stop working on the app + turn blue, like the are not connected any more.

I have to uninstall my home on the app ,and reinstall/ register them all again to get everything working , but every time I try to register the wireless receiver, the app fails.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong, or maybe its a dodgy receiver?




  • Yes - for some reason, it send when you register a wireless receiver, and have but yet even powdered it up, Tado thought that it should then default all devices (even wired thermostats?!) to connect to it as the zone controller.

    Luckily, you can now go on to the Tado Naomi config website (not app) and, under rooms and devices, click a room and you will see that you can reset all devices in that room to work independently.
  • Thanks Andy,

    Will try that